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perfil blanca pintoThe “Cruz de Pinto”, according to local legend, is a small sanctuary constructed en 1643 by the navigator, Francisco de Pinto. It tells the story of how he found himself on Nerja´s shores in charge of 3 ships that had departed from the Italian city of Verona en- route to Cádiz, when, after a terrible storm, they started to sink. Saint Francisco de Pinto, now desperate, asked for help from God, promising him that in return for saving his and his crews lives that he would build a sanctuary in the highest visible mountain after the storm. After the sea was calm and visibility was better the place we now know as “Cruz de Pinto” was chosen. Ever since, this sanctuary has been of great cultural and spiritual importance to Frigiliana. 

The route commences from the old Guardia Civil offices (290m.) whose coordinates are: (30S0420162/ UTM 4072074), descending down the track situated east takes us 400 mtrs and after to the Rio Higueron.

Once at the riverbed of which may or may not have water running through it, depending on the season, we depart down river, (south) where after approximately 300 mtrs we arrive at a pathway situated on the left where we start our ascent.

foto blanca pintoNormally, depending on the exact chosen route, we pass the old structure* where the goat herders, now nearly extinct, used to spend the nights tending and protecting their goats from the local carnivores.

Once we have passed this place we continue southwards from where we can see the peak of the final destination, even the white cross that occupies the highest part.

After approximately 500 metres we arrive at a track, at this point we leave the track behind us and continue left where after a final climb, we reach the peak of the White Route.

This is the highest point of the walk, 257m. The following coordinates (30S 0420829/ UTM 4701317).

Once at the top, and after well deserved break, we continue south by a pathway until we reach a track next to some old cortijo buildings,. Once on this track we ascend until we reach the structure where the goat herders once worked, the same one we passed en-route.

The return journey to our starting point in Frigiliana is reached by covering our own, previously made steps.