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ico distancia10km 400m


ico distancia4h 30m

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perfil ruta naranjaThis route commences from the Plaza del Ingenio. Situated at 290 metres above sea level (30 S 0420162/ UTM 4072074).

At the start of La Cuesta del Apero, we find a track that goes down eastwards, this takes us directly down to the Higueron riverbed and is roughly 400 metres.

Once at this point we continue north (Left) finding after 100metres the locally known Pozo Batán (an old Arabic water deposit used to irrigate the local area).
The route towards Alconcar isn´t that difficult, you simply follow the riverbed (upstream). During this walk you´ll find a resting area which you can take advantage of.

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After a rest and continuing the riverbed upstream for approx. 3.5 kms we´ll see the Cross of Napoleón, where, according to local legend, a neighbour was assassinated and buried.
After 6kms walking upstream we arrive at our destination, identified by various old farmhouses in ruins.

We return by following our footsteps back to Frigiliana.