mapa ruta azul felix

ico distancia4km 100m


ico distancia2h 30m

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perfil azul feliThe route commences from the Ingenio Square. Situated at 290 m above sea level (30 S 0420162/ UTM 4072074)

At the start of the Cuesta del Apero, you´ll find the track/lane that goes downwards, going east and takes us directly down to the riverbed of the Rio Higueron, the distance is approximately 400mtrs.
Once in the riverbed, continue north until you find the locally known “Pozo Batán” ( An Arab constructed water deposit used to provide water for arable use at the lower end of the village and the hamlet called the Molineta) At 300 metres from here and on the right hand side, next to an informative board is where this walk really starts taking us up until we arrive at las Lomas del Chillar. Once there you´ll find a wooden post, from where we leave the principal trail that goes towards Rio Chillar, we take the right hand side trail. After a few minutes walk in a southerly direction we´ll find ourselves at the highest point of this walk. This point is called The Cruz de Felix. It is from here that we can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and the coast at the nearby resort of Nerja.

foto ruta celeste lomas chillarTo return we take the trail on the left. The trail goes down until reaching the edge of the Cerro de Pinto. Once on said trail take the next right hand side trail that takes us to Corral de Pinto. It then takes us through wooded areas of pine trees until reaching the Chillar River from where we continue upstream until reaching the concrete track culminating in a steep climb that leads us into Frigiliana.