mapa ruta roja fuerte

ico distancia7km 400m


ico distancia4h

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perfil roja fuerteThis route commences from the Plaza del Ingenio. Situated at 290 metres above sea level (30 S 0420162/ UTM 4072074). From here we walk into the centre of the historic quarter of Frigiliana.

Firstly by taking C/ Real, and after 200mtrs, on the right hand side, ascending the steps on C/ Hernando el Darra that leads us on to C/ Amargura of which we follow to the highest point of the historic quarter, known locally as Barribarto.
Again, on our right, we see C/ Chorrera, this street we need to follow until we leave the village, following the lane, leaving the Barribarto behind us.
After following this lane for 300 metres we need to take the right hand turn which leads us to the Pozo de Lizar, situated at 419metres above sea level. The distance to here from the starting point is 750 metres.

Once at Lizar we follow the trail on the left (30 S 0420048/ UTM 4072527). The beginning of this path runs beside the old Lizar mill and an aqueduct built by the Arabs in order to channel the higueron river water to supply the town and its terraces. It´s the only path so you won´t get lost or take the wrong one.
Once on the trail and in the direction of El Fuerte, we´ll pass the familiar stone ovens, once used for heating limestone, used as mortar and paint to whitewash the walls of the houses and cottages. As we continue this trail the views of the village gradually improve, boasting views of the countryside and mountains surrounding Frigiliana.

foto roja fuerteOnce at the peak, 963 metres we can enjoy the spectacular 360º views of the whole park and the Malaga coastline.

Each walker that climbs the 963 metres to the highest point should take a step back and reflect on some local history trying to imagine what was experienced on the 28th of  May 1569, when Christian soldiers stood, intent to expel the last Moors who had for a considerable amount of time taken refuge in the fort. Only after various attempts did Don Luis de Requesens, who landed on the coast in Nerja with more than 6000 soldiers and 25 ships, achieve success at the “Rock of Frigiliana” culminating in the expulsion of the last remaining moors.