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ico distancia4km 600m


ico distancia2h 30m

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The route commences from the Plaza del Ingenio. Situated at 290 metres above sea level (30 S0420162/ UTM 4072074)  at the start of the “Cuesta del Apero” you find a lane descending East, this takes us down to the riverbed which is approximately 400metres down.

Once at the riverbed, on the following coordinates (30S 0420301 UTM 4072122) we turn right heading downriver (southwards)

We pass the old terraces and, depending on the exact route, on our left, we can see the closed in entrance to the locally known dark cave, which has been closed off for 20 years to avoid the further pilfering of the prehistoric remains in its interior. In our descent, on the right, we can observe the village of Frigiliana perched on the slopes.
After 1,6 kms, we´ll find some steps on the left that help us descend down the cascade , it is at this point when we reach the “Cahorros” offering us a landscape reminiscent of and area used for canyoning.

We continue downstream leaving the cahorro and arriving at an open part of the river where we will begin to see old houses and pens meant for livestock, at this point we have covered 2,2kms.

This area is known as Almachares, which in Arabic means “Shepherds area” .

foto gris cahorros

From here, at the left of the river, next to a livestock holding pen area situated east, at 126 m and with the following coordinates, 30 S 0420319/ UTM 4070742, we exit via a lane that takes us through farms and farmhouses until at 2.9 km. Again on the left, and at 288m, we arrive at a cross, taking the central part, facing northeast (30 S 0420681/ UTM 4070278)

The route continues via this lane, from where we can see some beautiful views of Frigiliana. We arrive at a point where the lane becomes more rustic, more like a trail which takes us, after 600mtrs, firstly to the locally known “ Corral de Pinto” and after to the point of the Higueron river from where we started our walk. Once at this point we continue north until reaching the concrete lane which we walked at the start of the route.