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This first mosaic depicts the extent and nature of the land of Bentomiz as it is believed to have been in the final third of the XVI century, according to the chronicler, Luis de Mármol Carvajal.

Earlier, between the XIII and XV centuries, during the time of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, these lands were a qlima or constituency of the Velez Málaga region, itsels further divided into two  tahas each with its own garrison quartered nearf their respective  mayors in the forts of Bentomiz and Frigiliana. Under the administration of Frigiliana came the forts at Nerja, Torrox, Prayana and Lautín; it is less clear which communities came under the administration of Bentomiz, Arenas and Daimalos being the only two known for certain.

The text refers to the fertility of the land and its inhabitants are described as slight, coarse and with such great spirit that the Moorish kings considered them to be the bravest, most daring and independent to be found in the entire Kingdom of Granada, a description that can be witnessed even today in the communities of the high mountains which produce tall, slim, loose limbed men.

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