The only way to enjoy Frigiliana in all its glory is to come to the village in person, but if you wish to get to know us and discover what you should see on a visit, we offer a number of promotional videos which will encourage you to visit.


Expressly produced to be exhibited on FITUR 2018, The International Tourism Fair, replace the existing one made in 2009 when he was screened the first time.Expressly produced to be exhibited on FITUR 2018, The International Tourism Fair, replace the existing one made in 2009 when he was screened the first time. 

The new version is a short video clip significantly more accessible to be fully displayed on Internet. It showcases the most touristic attractions of Frigiliana organised in thematic areas, highlighting Art, Handicraft, Culture, Festivities, Gastronomy, History, Music, Environment and Customs. In addition, footage from the Old Town and moving aerial imagery serve as starter and farewell on the video, remaining the thematic areas integrated in between.


This video was produced especially for showing on Frigiliana’s stand at the International Tourism Convention 2009 (FITUR). Afterwards, it was adopted as the official video and is regularly shown in the Tourist Information Office.

During its fifteen minutes, you will make a brief visit to the most typical corners of Frigiliana, as well as learning of our traditions and customs.

Examples of traditional dishes are featured, often dressed with our unique miel de caña, sugar cane molasses, as well as scenes from our most popular fiestas like Semana Santa (Holy Week) and the now well-establish, Festival fo the Three Cultures. And how could we omit a stroll through the streets of the unique Morisco district and all the sights which Frigiliana offers the visitor.

FRIGILIANA: In a word, a dream


A one-minute long video edited by the Costa del Sol Tourist Board, a short but representative insight into our village. The tourist board website offers extensive images of this and many other villages.




In 2011 this video was edited with the objective of promoting our unique Easter traditions. It’s difficult to explain in only 7 minutes the devotion and passion shown in Frigiliana during this time however, we are sure you’ll get the idea after having watched the video.





Promotional video of the 3 Cultures Festival. Barely 3 minutes to explain via images what is lived in Frigiliana during the last weekend of August each year. Visit the festival website to access all images and videos.



This 18 minute long video we take you on a tour around some of the artisanal products in Frigiliana. You will get to know our unique sugar cane “honey”, the producing of olive oil by Agricola de Frigiliana or loquat jam by Esencia de Frigiliana, you will find out esparto grass is still a valid option for multitude of little gifts, or the incredible mosaics by Mosaica.


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