Local products


The traditional cuisine of the Axarquía region is nowhere so well presented as in Frigiliana. Locally grown produce: sugar cane molasses, virgin olive oil, the rich moscatel grapes of its vines, and the fresh vegetables of its terraces, combine to produce one of the most distinctive cuisines of the province. A speciality of Frigiliana is the group of dishes based on choto, or young kid, fried and cooked either with garlic, or with one of a number of sauces, the most delicious of which is almond sauce, made from locally grown almonds.

Local cuisine

The traditional soups and stews of the Axarquía region 


reach their peak in Frigiliana, with varieties unique to the village. These include cabbage, fennel, and a special Holy Week stew of salt cod., served with pancakes drizzled with sugar cane molasses, that is the traditional meal on the eve of Easter Day.

The most typical

Two pastries based on sugar cane molasses, arropía and marcochas, represent the distinctive bakery of the area, and are typically served on the Day of the Cross. 

potaje semana santa

However, molasses also feature in other pastries and desserts including sweet potatoes, or simply added as a topping to flans, fruits and yoghourt, which can be enjoyed at any time of the year

But if all these typical dishes draw on the rich variety of local products,like olive oil and sugar cane molasses, they cannot put our local vines, usually grown on small, domestic plaots, into the shade.These wines are referred to as vinos del terreno (wines of the land) and range in colour, body and sweetness from one producer to another.