Every corner of the historic quarter has its own special identity, although everywhere you will find cobbled streets, usually steep, always immaculately clean by virtue of the pride taken by each inhabitant; flowers and shrubs adorn every corner, set off by the gleaming white of the walls. The principal enchantment of Frigiliana is precisely attributable to its historic quarter.

Calle Real is the principal artery of the old village, the only one accessible to wheeled traffic, from which numerous streets, lanes and alleyways climb up the slope into the Barribarto. As we make our way long Calle Real, we encounter the town hall, the church square, and also a street called El Zacatín. one of the most beautiful and most photographed in the village. This name used to be given to those streets or squares where clothes used to be sold in past times, and Frigiliana is not the only town to boast a zacatín, nor was it strange to have chosen this street for the sale of clothing.
Another street which conceals a history is that dedicated to Hernando El Darra. The Morisco rebels had fortified Frigiliana, though the sight of the imperial army with its artillery and armour sowed panic among the inhabitants. El Darra gave orders to his troops to move all supplies to the uppermost part of the twon, and there they also stockpiled rocks, millstones and anything else suitable for hurling down onto their attackers or for reinforcing their defences. Initially, the attack was repulsed but as the battle continued it beccame clear that fortune had deserted the Moriscos. El Darra slipped away, but although there was alarge price on his head, no one betrayed him and he was able to escape to Africa by way of Maro. Later he was pardoned by Felipe II, his possessions were restored to him and he was received at court, after which he returned to his beloved Frixinia.

Another of the most picturesque streets of the Barribarto is Calle del Peñon which leads directly up to the summit of the hill behind Frigiliana from where we can enjoy amazing views over the whole of the village and on down to the sea at Nerja.