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The language was one of the elements of Morisco culture most directly targetted by the new regime through their planned programme of cultural reconversion, however they had to conclude that their efforts would not succeed in these areas, possibly because of the very limited penetration by Christians into the mountain areas.

The course of events at Bentomiz was entrusted to the luck of the mysterious powers of fate, and have been depicted in this particular mosaic.

Along with the sympathetic description by Pilar García Millán, which sounds more like a biblical address than an attack or curse on the rebel troops, are included two brief paragraphs, one by the Málaga writer, Vázquez Otero (Málagan Traditions, Volume III) and the other by the contemporary historian Julio Caro Baroja (The Moriscos Of The Kingdom Of Granada), in which are blended accounts of the beginning of the rebellion and the force of the magico-religious prophesy of an historic conflict with no clear indication of how it would end.

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