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In the easternmost district of the Axarquía region of Málaga province can be found Frigiliana, a white village of 3.000 people.

300 metres above sea level and benefitting from a subtropical microclimate, looms its much awarded and praised historic quarter, a living memorial to the Morisco past, where its narrow, steep and winding streets, passageways, and alleys combine to form a distinctive framework of small houses, piled one upon another.

galardones frigiliana 2017

The award in 1982 of first prize in the national competition to find the most beautiful village in Spain (First National Embellishment Award) was, without a doubt, the starting point of Frigiliana as a tourist destination. From that moment on all the aspects of the town’s charm have been looked after and strengthened, enhancing as tourist attraction, not only its unique old quarter, but also other features that all in all, have made Frigiliana one of the most demanded destinations in the province.

Its geographic location, in the heart of the natural park and only 5 minutes from the the coast, its traditions and festivals (being the Festival of the 3 Cultures the main one), its gastronomy, with a local cuisine where sugar cane honey is the main ingredient, its awarded old quarter and an exceptional climate all year round, amongst other attractions have made Frigiliana a tourist destination visited by an increasingly number of people.

One of the most beautiful villages in Spain

Frigiliana belongs to this select club since January 2015. The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain include those villages under 15000 inhabitants that satisfy a series of essential requirements, as offering a quality natural or architectural heritage, besides other attractions and demands, as the urban homogeneity, the harmony in buildings, façade and roof materials, and some other aspects as hotel offer, festivals, leisure, culture, etc.

The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain

One of the seven rural wonders in Spain 2016

From 2011 the hotel booking site Top Rural has been choosing the Seven rural wonders in Spain. This annually presented prize, awards the allure of seven national destinations in a rural environment. One of the appeals of the prize is its popular character, since there are thousands of users of social media who propose their candidates, filtering them down to 20 destinations, repeating the process again until there are only 7 destinations qualified as rural wonders of the current year.

In 2016 Frigiliana was proposed as one of 20 candidates to become a rural wonder, being selected in the final 7 and coming in third place with 9 per cent of the votes.


To be part of the Most Beautiful Village in Spain or to be selected as one of the seven rural wonders of Spain 2016 is only the consequence of the effort to improve Frigiliana’s image and tourist offer. If you do not know us yet, we will be delighted to welcome you.