San Sebastián
May Crosses
3 Cultures Festival
Fair of S. Antonio
Miel de Caña Day
Holy Week

Throughout the year there are numerous occasions when the tourists coming to Frigiliana may immerse themselves in the fiestas and traditional clebrations of the town, some of them with extremely deep roots, like the observances of Holy Week, and other, more recent fiestas like Carnival. Whoever is visiting Frigiliana can choose between local, lower key celebrations, which attract few outside visitors, like the Feast of San Sebastián, and the big festivals, like the Three Cultures Festival, which draws thousands of people for the four days of fiesta.

A wide variety of celebrations is on offer. In January, the feast of San Sebastián, patron saint of Frigiliana is celebrated, in February there is the fun of Carnival, and then as spring approaches, there is the solemnity of Holy Week, then we welcome the return of flowers with the Day of the Cross at the beginning of May. With the arrival of summer, San Antonio de Padua is the focus of celebration and the funfair comes to town. Then, when summer is in full swing,the three main historic cultures come together in the Festival of Three Cultures

Summer also sees a number of other events of interest to the tourist, like the traditional dance festival, held now for thirty years, the annual band contest, and the contest between choirs dedicated to Our Lady of El Rocío, just some of the concerts, exhibitions and other activities which take place year after year.

In chronological order, the following are the most important celebrations.