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During the last week in August, Frigiliana gets dereesd in its party finery in order to a offer a leisure and cultural feast, as it becomes the focus for a meeting of the three historically important cultures; jewish, Muslim and Christian, with offerings of gastronomy, music and cultural activities to form a nexus of harmonious coexistence.
Great care is taken to assemble a wide range of activities to offer something for everyone, old or young, resident or visitor. And so there are musical events with top class groups and individuals, lectures on themes related to the three cultures, exhibitons, gastronomy days and, via the highly successful Tapas Run, the opportunity to sample a wide range of local dishes in bars across the village.

A programme of street theatre brings groups of strolling musicians, jugglers, groups of actors, belly dancers, as well as activities to enchant the childre - puppets, story tellers, and children’s theatre. And on top of all this, a street market offering foods, arttist, craft and artisan products reflecting the three cultures, filling the streets with a festive, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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The impressive success, both in visitor numbers and in critical acclaim, of the first Festival in 2006, made the Town Hall determined to prepare a bigger and better second Festival the following year, with more space, more activities, building on what had been shown to appeal to visitors, and with the intention that this would consolidate the Festival as outstanding in the Málaga Province. Thus, 2007 and 2008 saw the Festival grow to attract more than 20,000 visitors over the four days of festivities.

These figures speak for themselves, and without wishing to minimise the activities of neighbouring villages, this festival, attracting around 20,000 visitors each year, is wholly of and by Frigiliana; it is a result of our unique heritage and environment.

So important if the festival to Frigiliana, and so great the range of activities on offer, that it has its own website, where you can find whatever you want to know about the Festival of the Three Cultures. It will be found at www.festivalfrigiliana3culturas.com


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