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Within the constraints placed upon them by the demands of contemporary Islamic culture, the Morisco women of Bentómiz undoubtedly played a most valuable role.

“There were certain Morisco women who fought like valiant men, helping their husbands, brothers and sons; and when they saw that the stronghold was lost, threw themselves down from the steepest crags, preferring rather to die, shattered on the rocks, than to submit to Christian power. Others did not lack the courage to take flight with their children on their backs, leaping from peak to peak like mountain goats.” (Mármol Carvajal).

These deeds at Frigiliana were seen by many as an act of epic tenacity reminiscent of the heroic wars of myth and legend, performed in this case by the Morisco women. 

There were also many women who suffered punishment at the hands of the Holy Inquisition, generally accused of heresy, and inciters of rebellion during the Bentómoz uprising, among them Inés Muñoz, the duaghter of Naya, born in Torrox, and Leonor de Estrada Berberisca. from Velez, who both stood trial in Granada, one in 1571, the other in 1587.

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