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The final panel attempts to depict the state of ruin in which the land was left following the defeat of 11th June, 1569, the fateful day that brought to an end Muslim power in the lands around Velez, and which irreversibly shaped the destiny of an ancient people who had lived, committed to the land for centuries, land which they defended heroically but desperately. If Canillas de Aceituno was the spark which ignited the fuse, then Cómpeta served to detonate the uprising, and Frigiliana became its tomb. From that day the Moriscos of the Axarquía succumbedt forever.

Even so, an attempt was made to rescue the situation in October of that year following the death of Aben Humeya, and the proclamation of Aben Aboó as the new leader of the Alpujarran cause. This prompted the return of el Darra (the Frigiliana leader), who appeared in Cómpeta on 13th December with the intention of fortifying it and establishing defensive borders, from which he attacked fortresses, rampaged through the countryside, destroying crops and killing herds, joining battle with Christians and taking them prisoner.

At first there were no Moriscos remaining in Bentómiz. However, twlve to fouteen years after the rebellion (1582-1584) various groups of Moriscos were discovered and put on trial in Antequera and in Archidona, who had been living under the protection of certain Christians, integrated into and passing as members of the Christian community, who were accused of practising Mohamedanism and being part of the events of 1569.

Whoever traverses the Barrio Morisco of Frigiliana, sees this final panel and hears in it the voice of Martín Alwacir is receiving an authentic anthem to the cause of liberty.

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panel 01